Heroes Of Camelot Hack

Heroes Of Camelot Hack
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About Heroes Of Camelot Game:

Kabams latest free-to-play venture is both an amalgamation and distillation of a lot of other iOS collectible card games. Heroes of Camelot has the looks. It has the gameplay. Perhaps most importantly, it has the cards. However, while it seems like the perfect recipe for a good CCG on paper, the results are surprisingly uninteresting.
The three key elements to Heroes of Camelot are the cards, the quests, and the battles. The cards can be placed into teams of four, with a maximum of three teams available for the Party once players hit level 10. Duplicates can be combined to evolve into more powerful and astonishing-looking forms, and unwanted cards can be fused with favorites to level them up and increase their stats.The quests are a easy matter of tapping the screen to progress, but can yield experience, gold, and extra cards in addition to opening up even more areas to quest in with even greater rewards (and challenges).
The battles are hands-off affairs with the players Party having it out with their opponents automatically; the results positive by skills being activated on their own and overall team prowess. Its a easy setup, but its perfectly functional.The illustrations in Heroes of Camelot are quite friendly, and its usually lovely simple to tell at a glance whether a card belongs to the Camelot or Druid faction thanks to the diverse character design. Theres a nice element of strategy when it comes to setting up the Party too, by way of special combinations that can be unlocked when specific cards are grouped together in the similar team. However I think my personal favorite element of the gameplay is the inclusion of a little cherish trove of rewards that can be earned by collecting all of the cards available in a specific set of quests. Its the completionist in me; I just love that nice of stuff.Although as irritating as the questionable menu navigation can be, it doesnt make much of a difference since the game itself is so unremarkable.
Oh sure it looks nice, but aside from the basic thrill of collecting and upgrading cards, which can also be found in tons of other games these days, theres absolutely nothing about it thats kept me entertained. Its just a dull game, really.
Heroes of Camelot is a well put together and inoffensive collectible card game with some beautiful illustrations
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